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Lady Colin Campbell Home Lift from TK Elevator


Through the key hole - Lady Colin Campbell

Regarded as one of the most important houses architecturally, Castle Goring is a magnificent and unique 18th century building. This beautiful castle is home to author of London Times and New York Times bestseller ‘Diana in Private’, and ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ contestant, Lady Colin Campbell.

Our sales consultant managed the installation. He commented “I was contacted by Lady C herself, who was referred by a friend of hers. Castle Goring doubles as a wedding venue, so she wanted to future proof her home by improving accessibility between floors as well as allowing authorised-only access to her living quarters”. A TK Elevator spindle lift was installed that provided access to four floors. Key locking was added so that Lady C could access her living quarters on the basement and upper floor during weddings. The local council needed to be involved in the project as Castle Goring is a listed building.