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S200 Stairlift - Enjoy your home to the maximum

Your home is not just a house. It is part of you, a reflection of your lifestyle and tastes. It grows with you, your family and your circumstances. And it adapts to your needs as they change.

The S200 stairlift has been developed with this in mind. Robust, safe, comfortable and easy to use, it gives you maximum confidence and independence in your daily routine. It is tailor-made to operate smoothly on the stairs and blend in stylishly with the interior or your home. It also incorporates the latest technologies to stay in perfect working order and help you stay in touch. Experience German-engineering at it‘s best with S200 stairlift from Home Solutions.

Maximum Comfort

The S200 looks slim and compact on the outside, but it feels just like a wide, comfortable everyday chair when you’re sitting on it.

The generous, foam-padded seat and backrest allow you to sit back in a natural, safe position.

The open sides and armrests create maximum space around your legs, hips and waist. To ensure the perfect fit, the seat and footrest are adjustable.

With the ergonomically positioned footrest you’ll experience less knee flexion, adding extra comfort to your ride. And, when you’ve parked the S200 stairlift, it occupies only a small part of the stairs, so your loved ones can easily walk up or down without being obstructed in the corridor or hallway.

Maximum Safety

The S200‘s innovative arm design with superior safety characteristics provide a unique feeling of safety. The armrests embrace you securely while travelling up and down the stairs. As well as being positioned at a convenient height, the armrests are long and tapered at the front to give you both a secure grip and extra support when you’re sitting down or standing up. The safety belt has a clearly visible buckle which can be attached and released easily with one hand.

Our stairlift technologies are developed to help you enjoy your home to the MAX – today and tomorrow. We listen carefully to our customers to detect new needs and possibilities, and we never rest in our efforts to develop the most relevant and practical solutions. This has resulted in several patented technologies that are unique to TK Elevator stairlifts.

TK Home Solutions

Maximum Convenience

Your new chairlift is part of your life, so the last thing you want is to feel that it’s in the way! The S200 combines its spacious feeling of comfort with the most compact profile on the market when tucked away. Folding or unfolding the chairlift is a light and easy process using one or two hands, whichever is more practical for you.

You can even opt for completely automatic folding at the touch of a button. The footrest folds up so that it doesn’t get in your way when you’re sitting down. Once you’re seated, you can simply unfold it using a button on the armrest.

Operating the chairlift is simple using a unique flip-up joystick controlled with your finger, thumb, wrist or even the side of your hand. The buttons and indicator lamp on the armrest are easy to see and reach in any position.

Maximum Customisation

Every home is different, and so is every S200. Our sales representatives will visit you in your home to measure your staircase and make sure your chairlift is custom-built to fit perfectly and operate smoothly and safely.

The overall look is modern and timeless to complement your home, with no visible mechanics or cables. As for the upholstery, it’s your choice! Various textile, vinyl and genuine leather options are available in a range of colours. They’re all fire-resistant, moisture-proof and easy to keep clean.

Maximum Trust

S200 - a smooth ride

Whether you’re going up or down the stairs, you’ll always experience a very smooth and safe ride with the S200 stairlift.

Thanks to the proven monorail concept and patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) Technology the chair and footrest rotate to the most optimal and safe position during the ride.

This saves you time and allows you to easily handle the smallest and steepest stairs, while sitting comfortably in your chair. You can get off safely, because the chair is already in the right place upon arrival.

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

A readily recognisable alarm button works as a built-in call device that allows you to connect with family, friends and medical contacts. You can programme three outgoing phone numbers for reassurance that help is always at hand if you need it. You can also answer incoming calls while the stairlift is in motion.

A trustworthy chairlift is an asset that will give you renewed confidence and independence in your home. The S200 MAX gives you proven reliability from a renowned German engineering company.

The S200 MAX also has an in-built call device that allows you to stay in touch with friends, family or medical contacts at the touch of a button. You can programme three outgoing phone numbers for reassurance that help is always at hand if you need it. You can also answer calls while the stairlift is in motion.

A digital preview for the perfect fit

HoloLinc uses mixed reality technology that allows you to preview your new stairlift on the stairs where it will be installed. Wearing HoloLinc goggles, a technical specialist can measure even the most complex staircases in just one visit. This digital process speeds up the manufacturing process and provides the ultimate precision for a perfect fit.

To ensure that you will get the quality product that you have in your mind, HoloLinc allows you to see and experience a visualisation of the finished installation. This is an important step to take before you purchase your stairlift.

Services and options that put you first

Every situation is different, and so is every staircase. That’s why our first step is always a personal visit from one of our experts who will assess your needs, explain the options and work with you to find the perfect solution.

Once your customised stairlift is ready, an engineer will install it in just a few hours. They will also show you exactly how the stairlift works, so you can use it with complete confidence from day one.